Centre de Formation Parapente et Mini Voile entre Asses - Provence - Verdon
Haut les mains, école de parapente
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School "Haut les Mains Paragliding"

Professional School of Free Flight

Icarus' dream

Professional School of Free Flight
Paragliding in Provence
Training and tandem
In the heart of the Southern Alps, in Haute Provence, near the Verdon, in the sunny South of France.

The paragliding school "Haut les Mains" is located in a small village in the Alps de Haute Provence. Barrême stand between Digne and Castellane. You will find the school in the center of the village.
The flying sites are very numerous and some right next to the school and the local teacher. We also offer our services in Digne les Bains, Prayer, St Geniez Embrun for internships and SIV.
You can come learn to fly a paraglider or speed flying, we offer beginners and advanced courses for all levels.
First flights of short and long term or speed flying, with shuttless on site of your choice or 4x4 hiking trails.
The atmosphere is relaxed, authentic, and always safe.
Discover the oldest dreams of man, that of flying ...


Barrême, Digne les Bains, Oraison and Saint Geniez
Shuttles with 4x4 Mitsubishi Pajero.
4 to 77 years.
Sunglasses, sneakers, sunscreen, windbreaker and camera.

Flight discovery : The slide in calm air conditions, discover the tandem paragliding, unforgettable sensz of freedom. A contemplative flight.

Thermal flight : flight in thermals. Take off and take the height with your instructor, taste the joy of the ascent to the cloud, relax, breathe, you daydream. Enjoy this waster in the air. Minimum of 30 minutes flight.

The Alpin flight : A travel in the air several kilometers long by flying from cloud to cloud and from mountain to mountain.  Minimum of 45 minutes flight.

Authentic flight : An approach to the real activity, we will talk about weather and we move on the best flight spots of the day. We will take a full afternoon to explore this activity, complete a cross country flight an hour and a half minimum, a briefing will be done and you can take control of the aircraft. This flight will be engraved forever unforgettable, a descent into aerobatics if you want at the end of the flight.

Option and acrobatic thrills, sat, inversion, 360 Assym.

Call me : 06 62 21 69 33

Cottage group 
Apartment, Double Room and Dormitory 
Accommodation in Valley Asse in Provence and next door Verdon 
The cottage "Haut les Mains" offers a 2 bedroom apartment of 80 m2 with Paul and Vivo with Terrace, Balcony, Barbecue, Flat Screen Apple TV and ADSL. This accomodation is rented exclusively for the whole family or friends. 
The other 80 M2 with Coco, with two doubles and a small dormitory for 4 people. 
The apartment is above the paragliding school, ideal for drivers and their families, but also for all tourists seeking a quiet and authentic village in a friendly atmosphere. The cottage is located in the village center of Barrême which is at the intersection of St. André les Alpes, Castellane and Digne les Bains near the Gorges du Verdon.

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Bons cadeaux

JB le Nouveau Boss

JB, Nouveau DTE unique et gérant du Syndicat Local Haut les Mains Agréé Fédération Française de Vol Libre.
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Vol en ULM Autogire dans le Verdon

Visitez les Gorges du Verdon en ULM Autogire.
Cockpit Ouvert, maniable et Manoeuvrable.

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Autogire ULM Verdon-Provence

L'autogire est arrivé chez Haut les Mains.
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Haut les mains dans le domaine de l'apprentissage

L'école de parapente dans le Verdon accueil une nouvelle recrue
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Clubs Parapente

Creation de Espasse et Sans Déco Fixe.
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22/02/2019Départ Maroc

Départ pour le Maroc Lundi 25 Février jusqu'au 30 Mars.
Appelez Nous au 06 50 303 303.
Formation Tout Niveau
Ouverture Haut les Mains Barrême le 1er Avril 2019
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18/06/2012Baptême de l'air parapente Asses - Provence -Verdon

Le début de la saison baptême de l'air a commencé. Les sauts ou vols en parapente se font dans la région Asses, Verdon, Provence. Nous volons en parapente dans un périmètre qui se situe entre Sisteron, Manosque, Digne les Bains et Castellane.
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Bientôt une centrale de vente de Matériel de vol libre sur la France et les Dom Tom.
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08/09/2014Marche et vol en parapente

Vol Rando : retour au sources du parapente et plaisir du vol en montagne
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28/06/2015Stage Perf Cross Millau

Stage Parapente à Millau avec Haut les Mains.
Niveau : Autonomie déco et atéro
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Haut les Mains  Le village  04330 Barrême Tel : 04 92 34 34 00

Agrée par la DDCSPP, Affilié FFVL et labellisé par l'organisation internationale du parapente.

FFVL DDCSPP World pioneer International paragliding training association.